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Our little family-2011
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here comes the OFFENDER

So this post will be up for a few days. This, in order to insure most of my readers will see it. I have had some comments from people who read my Blog. They have been negative sarcasm. It is hard for me to hear fat comments from strangers when I am running or just at the store. But this is a place where I open up and write very personal things. So to hear them from people I know read my most intimate thoughts is hurtful, said in any way. I realize I make jokes about myself....I can, I'm the fat one! I also realize that I use sarcasm and comedy to hide my insecurities and self doubts. None of us want other people laughing AT us. If you are truly someone who watches my progress and feels a concern or a kinship because of it, PLEASE keep reading and posting comments. I need and love those of you who have supported me, lifted me, and encouraged me. Those who have smiled when I smile, cry when I cried, felt triumph when I finished the run and hurt with me every time I lengthened my stride. For you, I say, THANK YOU! It is for you that I have a certain amount of accountability. That keeps me going at times when I feel to fail. It is for you I think of all the success WE can attain when we try! It is for you I write when I have gone astray and feel ashamed. It is for you, so You and I can join together and accomplish the impossible!

I struggle, and I fall, I am scared and afraid. I have "Feeble knees". Many of you know of this from the standard works of Scripture. It means weak, without force, easily broken....

Isaiah 35: 3-4 states
3 Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.
4 Say to them that are fearful of heart, Be strong, Fear not: behold, your God will come..........he will come and save you.

Marvin J Ashton ( a favorite speaker of mine) has this thought:

"How do we deal with the inevitable moments of fear or “feeble knees”? It is vital that we not face them alone. Always it is helpful and comforting to be able to confide in a loving and trusted friend or relative who empathetically listens to our uncertainties. We often find that our confidant has experienced similar fears, and we may even share in his wise counsel.

Life is never easy, and we cannot escape our own case of feeble knees from time to time. It is thus essential that we love and support one another."

I have come to love and need this form of outlet on my journey. As it is a seemingly never ending journey, I rely upon and admire my friends and family who have helped me escape my feeble knees. I can see at times my knees strengthening and I see myself becoming stronger. This because of the uplifting words, the back pats, the "way to go" 's and the encouraging posts.

I hope and pray I have not offended anyone. It was not my intent.

Thanks be to God for healing body and spirit! And for kindness from friends and strangers alike!

God Bless You



Franzi said...

don't listen to anyone. What you do is awesome and I admire you for it!

Fran (Patterson)

teresa said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog and follow your progress. Our journey to being healthier are remarkably similar. I just wanted to say don't let the nasty people of the world bring you down, or slow down your progress. It takes a lot of courage to get off the couch, and run (or waddle as I do!) on a public road. We rock!! Take care and keep moving!


Henry said...

Anyone posting negative, sarcastic comments on a blog they probably aren't interested in at all definitely has way too much time on their hands. If I were you I would take it as a compliment. You've got a catchy title that probably is easily hit in searches. So, more people will notice. Both bad and good. Keep running with the good and leave the bad behind.

Also, the tone of this post seemed apologetic. It wasn't too strong. It was just right and I don't think calling someone on being a jerk is ever too harsh. It needs to happen. So, good for you.


Four sisters join forces for good

Four sisters join forces for good
Robin, Renea, and myself at the half way turn around. What a beautiful moment